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 Star Wars: TFA *Spoilers*

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Gleason [5th RB]
Generally Discharged.

PostSubject: Star Wars: TFA *Spoilers*   Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:32 pm

Okay, since the movie has been out for a couple weeks now I thought I'd make this thread so we can openly discuss the movie.


I know a lot of Star Wars fans did not like the movie but as someone who isn't really a fan I thoroughly enjoyed it. So here it goes...

The ending where Rey finds Luke they just stare at each other is just dumb. That could have been cut down to maybe less than 5 minutes or save it for the next movie. People I've talked said that should have been part of the next movie. End TFA where she leaves on her journey to find Luke. Now that would be cool to come into the next movie she's flying to the planet and searches for him and opening a new chapter instead of ending it on like page 2 of a new chapter.

Kylo Ren is going to bring back Darth Vader. I'm calling it now, it's going to happen. He has Vaders helmet and he was speaking to him while he was in his room. Snoke also told someone to bring Kylo to him to finish his training. In the previous trilogy it was brought up that the dark side is powerful and Anakin could learn to bring people back to life. You can argue if it was possible why didn't he bring Padme back to life. Well at the time of her death Anakin wasn't strong enough and hadn't learned how to do it. And as Darth Vader he never had a reason to bring someone back to life, if I recall correctly. Side note to Kylo bringing back Vader, during the movie he said something about wanting Lukes saber, which was Anakins before that.

Who the eff is Snoke and how does he know about the dark side? I didn't really look too much into him.

One thing that really made no sense and shouldn't have been in the movie. Fin using a light saber. I always thought light sabers were only be able to be used/activated by Jedi?

Han Solo dying was inevitable. Main/important characters die to progress story lines, not to shocked really. Before the movie came out I thought it would be Luke.

Another theory I have is Rey is Lukes daughter. It seems a bit weird but somehow it just feels right.

The ancient Jedi temple, that will play part in the trilogy, I think. Maybe that's where Luke and/or Rey learn to surpass the dark side power or Kylo brings back Vader there. It'll play part somewhere. I read that the ancient Jedi temple is where the force comes from, both light and dark sides.  

I came to all my conclusions and theories after looking things up and hearing other peoples theories involving the movie and books. I have more to say but that's all for now cause I'm at work and I need to actually do some work haha.  What do you all think? Your theories?

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Esek [5th RB]
Private First Class, E-6.

PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: TFA *Spoilers*   Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:42 pm

Interesting theories.
I think Vader will not come back at all and Rey is not Luke's daughter. They mentioned in the movie that her parents will never return.
Also Luke wanted to hide and disappear so bad, that he left a map behind LOL. Just stupid.
A lot of things are wrong with this movie. I'm glad that I paid only the matinee ticket price.


Private, First Class Gabriel Esek.

Fifth Ranger Battalion.
Fox Company,
Reserve Platoon.
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Gleason [5th RB]
Generally Discharged.

PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: TFA *Spoilers*   Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:52 am

When the light saber reacted to Rey it showed her the Island Luke was on. Why would the light saber do that unless there is some connection between her and Luke? Also when Han and Leia saw her for the first time they looked at her as if she was family or something like that. And the ending it seems as if Luke was expecting and knew her. As far as Vader coming back, I know it's really far fetched but I think it's a strong possibility.

I didn't pay to see it, a buddy bought my ticket lol.

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Star Wars: TFA *Spoilers*
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