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 19FEB17: Update 6.

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PostSubject: 19FEB17: Update 6.   Sun Feb 19 2017, 06:16

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick status update on some things we discussed in the last Dev Update, along with some new workstreams we've been firing up. 

We are hard at work on Foy which should be ready in the next week or so. Though Foy is by default a Detonation map, we are also looking into a Domination variant for release soon after we will call dow_bastogne.

We will be announcing more details of additional upcoming official maps after the release of Foy.

Map Editor
The editor is coming along great and we are working with EPIC to ensure we are distributing the editor properly in accordance with their policies. We are going to be rolling out the editor the second its ready meaning there may not initially be Steam Workshop support, but we feel its more important to let mappers get a headstart.

Server browser
A portion of our players have experienced issues with the server browser, either showing no servers or not displaying certain servers every time. These issues are similar to what we’ve seen with other UE4 games on Steam, but we are looking into ways to make the browser more reliable by switching to asynchronous server search and provide alternate options like connecting via IP address and the Steam server browser.

Enhanced communication
We have begun integration of a 3rd party VOIP system that offers much improved in game VOIP, along with some advanced features like positional audio. This is a brand new offering and we’re excited to be one of the first games to take advantage of it.

Stats and Progression
We’ve written the foundation for our backend systems for global stats, player profiles, progression and item inventories. This is a major effort that is a necessary prerequisite for many features on our roadmap. We will begin tracking stats soon behind the scenes to test the system and then we will provide in game menus to display the stats soon after.

Revamped weapon firing sounds
We're doing a total pass on the firing sounds and looking into a different approach for sound spacialization in third person.

Engine Updates
The latest version of UE4 released this past week with some exciting new features and substantial performance improvements in texture streaming. We will be moving to the new engine version in our next patch.

In addition to the above we will continue to make adjustments throughout Early Access to categories such as movement, weapon balance, and visibility. We've gotten a lot of great feedback and we welcome all constructive ideas and suggestions to improve gameplay.
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19FEB17: Update 6.
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