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 14FEB17: Update 5 (Version

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PostSubject: 14FEB17: Update 5 (Version    Tue Feb 14 2017, 19:04

✮ Redesigned grenade and rifle grenade physics to be more performant and predictable, also added grenade bounce sound
✮ Reworked weapon drop physics to prevent guns from bugging out on the floor
✮ Implemented initial version of Round End Stats Screen
✮ Went back to old window collision so you can jump out of windows
✮ Added option to disable gun firing camera shake

✮ Testing new flag locations on Carentan and Kaysersberg to make full caps more frequent
✮ Reworked routes and sightlines on Carentan
✮ Added new sniper house to American side on Carentan
✮ Small tweak to Omaha that may give lower end PCs more FPS

✮ Implemented additional protection layers via EAC
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14FEB17: Update 5 (Version
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