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 Recruitment FAQs.

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PostSubject: Recruitment FAQs.   Tue Feb 14 2017, 18:17

Quote :
What are the expectations of being a member in the 5th RB?

-  Total of 3 hours per week of combined game time in Days of War/Day of Infamy.  (IE: 2 hours in DOW and 1 hour in DOI equals 3 hours.  You are allowed to complete all 3 hours in 1 game.)

-  When you are in-game while on steam, you will also be in TS (even if you can't talk).  There are channels for different purposes.  (other games, afk, ect.)  

-  A minimum of 5 forums posts per week. (new threads, replies, ect.  We keep a running tally of each member.)

-  Wear unit tags and unit avatar at all times.  (No exceptions)

-  Attend at least 1 platoon drill per week in either Days of War or Day of Infamy  Drills will be scheduled at least one week in advance to ensure all members are informed.  Drill will take place every Sunday at 1400 EST. 

-  Leave of Absences will be submitted prior to drill start time.  Only emergencies will be accepted after drill completion.  What constitutes an "emergency" will be decided by unit HQ.

-  Members will follow the weapon restriction policy unless otherwise directed or by receiving "Permission to Use".  Each rank has a set list of weapons available for use.  You may also unlock specific weapon systems by attending Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to become qualified to use weapons over other members.

-  Accruing 3 demerits within a 30 day period will result in a general discharge from the unit.
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Recruitment FAQs.
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