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 08FEB17: Version

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[5th RB]


PostSubject: 08FEB17: Version   Wed Feb 08 2017, 17:21

✮ Implemented EasyAntiCheat
✮ Added option to rotate minimap with with player heading
✮ Adjusted respawn timers to prevent feeling of teleporting
✮ MGs now shoot through dead bodies
✮ Fixed accuracy on Springfield unscoped and removed ring from ironsight

✮ Omaha changes: boats are faster, more cover on beach, adjusted routes to alleviate bottlenecks
✮ Blocked areas where you could get out of maps
✮ Fixed bug where some textures were drawing through objects

✮ Can now turn teammate names/icons off separately
✮ Fixed issue where victory screen wouldn’t show while dead
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Humphreys [5th RB]
Honorably Discharged.


PostSubject: Re: 08FEB17: Version   Wed Feb 08 2017, 17:59

This latest update has broken my copy of the game. I cannot press any links within the game to access the options or servers, I can't even exit the game without pressing ALT+F4.


Captain Martin Humphreys.
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Fifth Ranger Battalion,
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08FEB17: Version
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