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 01FEB17: Update 3 (Patch

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[5th RB]


PostSubject: 01FEB17: Update 3 (Patch   Wed Feb 01 2017, 10:50

This first patch fixes some high priority bugs and adds some highly requested features and fixes from our opening early access weekend. 

✮ Increased accuracy penalty to rifles while moving
✮ Added FOV setting for guns
✮ Added highlight to your own kills in kill log (adjustable in settings)
✮ Adjusted minimap scale (minimap zoom and rotation coming soon)
✮ Added camera bob option
✮ Doubled size of smoke grenade plumes
✮ Respawn delay now always 10 seconds
✮ Reduced sight zoom on Supports
✮ Increased shotgun spread

Bug fixes / Misc
✮ Fixed bullet collision issues on windows, railings, ladders, and other invisible areas
✮ Added setting to turn off teammate overhead icons
✮ Ammo and Health packs no longer fall under the floor
✮ Fixed bug where smoke grenades weren’t visible on Omaha
✮ Fixed bug where head shot effects were playing when they shouldn’t be

✮ Boats no longer bounce around on the beach after landing
✮ Collision fixes on beach and in bunkers on Omaha
✮ Blocked long archway sightline on Kaysersberg
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Humphreys [5th RB]
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PostSubject: Re: 01FEB17: Update 3 (Patch   Wed Feb 01 2017, 11:39

I've also notice that they've closed some windows in some buildings in Carentan, I guess this is to soften up the choke-points within the map.


Captain Martin Humphreys.
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Fifth Ranger Battalion,
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Hinton [5th RB]
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PostSubject: good   Wed Feb 01 2017, 14:14

So glad they are patching quick!
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01FEB17: Update 3 (Patch
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