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 Whats everyone think so far?

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LeBeau [5th RB]
Generally Discharged.


PostSubject: Whats everyone think so far?   Sun Jan 29 2017, 15:54

My original review was kinda harsh but hopeful


After the last update my opinion changed dramatically!

They filtered the air out so everything is more visible. I'm not getting the choppiness
when I move around corners or smoke. Even though I never experienced major frame drops but I still had a lag of some sort.

The textures have been sharpened so the foreground objects seem to have their own
presence in the world.. This is also true with the player models..

I had mentioned that the players seem to be floating across the ground (to me) rather than walking. Well this moonwalking problem is no more now.

They captured the nighttime perfectly. even though its dark out you can still see everything and everyone. Unlike games like... lets say.. Dying Light.

Weapon sounds are right on point.. The carbine sounds super mean and the rifles echo down the halls with great sampling playback

Over all I can honestly say this had grabbed my attention like DODS once did.. Its been soo long to finally have a new WWII (Solid) multiplayer title.

:See you on the battlefield:

Private Josh LeBeau.

Fifth Ranger Battalion.
Fox Company,
First Platoon, First Squad.
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Hinton [5th RB]
Generally Discharged.


PostSubject: Ok   Mon Jan 30 2017, 02:24

Yeah you ate right , they have polished it up.
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Whats everyone think so far?
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