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 29JAN17: Update 2.

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PostSubject: 29JAN17: Update 2.   Sun Jan 29 2017, 13:27

We've made a change in the map rotation, we're sorry to say that all versions of dow_thunder have been removed due to IP concerns with Day of Defeat.

At the start of this project dow_thunder was originally only intended to be a portfolio piece for one of our teammates who is a diehard Day of Defeat fan with aspirations of applying to work at Valve. As the project developed, we gradually crossed the line from a hobby project into a commercial one, and weren't quite sure how to handle the presence of the map. 

Though we were aware Valve might take issue with the map, we had hoped they might take notice of our love letter to Day of Defeat, and potentially let us continue to pay homage to one of the games that got us to become game developers in the first place. 

In hindsight this was a mistake, and we apologize to you, our players, and the developers at Valve. We understood Valve's concerns and in respect for them stripped the map. Without Valve there would be no Days of War, and we're excited to continue working with them while we bring our game to the next level.

As a result we will be prioritizing adding new official maps. There’s also a lot of untapped creativity in our player base waiting to be unlocked in the form of community maps so we will be rushing to get the editor out the door as well.

We have already patched in some tweaks that has given players a big boost in FPS, so we encourage you to try it out ( We still plan on adding more engine optimizations as mentioned in the previous update. 

We also updated the maps to have less fog, better lighting visibility, and removal/reduction of post process ambient occlusion on lower settings (which some have referred to as the film grain effect). Still to be addressed is improved character visibility.

We’ve been pouring through the vast quantity of feedback we’ve received over the first few days and are building a detailed list of bug fixes, areas for polish, and gameplay improvements. Please continue to leave feedback in the forums here on Steam and at forums.playdaysofwar.com We value even the negative comments as they let us know what we need to fix and improve.

We also have a Trello Roadmap where we outline high level features and content updates.

We encourage you to log in and vote on the cards you think are the most important!
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29JAN17: Update 2.
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