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 27JAN17: Update 1.

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PostSubject: 27JAN17: Update 1.   Fri Jan 27 2017, 13:09

Hey Everyone,

It’s been one day into Early Access and we are already learning a lot from your feedback. The team is very excited about some upcoming changes that we want to communicate to you.

So what’s coming for Days of War? 

Here are the issues we've gathered from feedback that we are prioritizing for fixes.

Right now our focus is on increasing the efficiency of the game with higher player counts. Average FPS seems to be about 60 for most players on a full server, and we want this to be over 100 for a mid range PC and 144+ for high end machines.

The biggest effect on framerate is the number of players in the server at once, due to the cost of player animations. For this reason on a full server your video settings won’t have a major impact on your framerate. Over the coming weeks we'll be rewriting our animation code/logic to address this.

If you are not happy with your framerate on a 32 player server, we’d recommend playing on smaller servers for the moment. Part of the reason we do our 100 player battle events is to help optimize the game for more players, be it 16, 32, 64 or 100.

Our goals with the visibility have a few dimensions
✮  Adjust lighting to be more consistent, some areas now are too dark, some are too bright
✮  Severely reduce fog and dust to allow better visibility over distance
✮  Increase contrast between player model and environment
✮  Reduce the appearance of “film grain”

We are going to be making changes to the lighting, fog, ambient occlusion and other post process settings to increase visibility in these areas with the first fixes coming tonight.

Kill/Death Feedback
We want it to be easier to tell when you’ve gotten a kill / assist and where you are being shot from.
This covers a few elements from sound to UI/HUD, and we’ve gotten plenty of good suggestions from the community which we will begin testing.

New Content
Aside from the bug fixing, optimizing and performance updates, we have made a roadmap with our future plans. Here below an overview, to give you an impression of the current state of the game and what is scheduled for the upcoming months.

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27JAN17: Update 1.
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